Collection: A Series of Unfortunate Socks

Dear Reader,

I am sorry to say that our next release will be extremely unpleasant. It follows the tale of three orphans and a series of unfortunate events which irreparably alter their lives. It is my sad duty to express their tale through color and wool, but you are free to follow other, happier stories if you prefer that sort of thing.


Join us as we embark on our sad quest to follow the tale of the Baudelaire children.

A Series of Unfortunate Socks is based on the books A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. These books were so important to me growing up, and my love for them has never diminished, much as Snicket's love for Beatrice will live forever, even if she won't. To be able to create art based on something I treasure is truly a privilege. I hope you enjoy the sets as much as I enjoy this story.